StellarStellaris Mod & Crash detail collector


This web app will look at your Stellaris data folder, and collect info on all your current mods, crashes and saved games.


Your browser doesn't support the native filesystem API so this app won't work. As of writing Edge, Chrome and Opera support it. Click here for up to date compatibility info
Step 1.

ERROR: Unable to access Stellaris game_data.json on your PC, are you sure you selected the right folder?

Step 3.
Discover game metadata
Step 4.
Discover enabled mods

Known issue: files with tildes (~) cannot be loaded due to Chrome bug/limitation

Step 5.
Discover crashes
Step 6.
Discover save games
Step 7.
Generate mod file SHA1 checksums
OrderMod NameSupported VersionDetectedLatestSteam IDValid
FolderLast Modified DateValid
FileLast ModifiedNameIn game DateFleetsPlanetsIronmanValid
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